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The Harper Government has promised to protect us. He's spent billions on over priced fighter jets. He's spent billions giving long prison sentences those who he feels pose even the slightest risk to public safety. Although protection from crime and national security are nice to have, Canada is currently facing a potential existential threat for which Harper has ignored completely.

If the Ebola virus were to have an uncontrolled outbreak, half the population of the Earth could be wiped out within three years. The current outbreak of Ebola in Western Africa should had been an immediate wake-up call to the Harper Government that it's time to start investing some major money into Ebola research, pronto. Canada should be sending money and resources like crazy to keep the current outbreak contained. Even the best estimates say that it would take at least 18 months to produce a vaccine in a large quantity even after it was finished development and human trials. Does Stephen Harper want to wait until Ebola has reached Canadian soil before taking action? The Harper Government needs to immediately tell Canadians what actions it is taking to prepare for an Ebola outbreak in Canada, what work it's doing to research a cure, and how it is helping to contain Ebola in Africa.

Canada prides itself on being a multicultural society. We official despise racism. We support and defend our allies in times of war. So why then is the Harper Government so cavalier about a problem of such potential danger? It's because only poor black Africans are affected. Few of us are concerned about the plight of the people of the black continent, and many of us, including members of the Conservative party are likely laughing at them as they die from their black plague.

Racism to justify the repression of the poor is not a new idea, particular on our own white continent. Slavery in the United States, a totally racist institution, was banned just over 150 years ago. In its time, slavery was seen as just because it was viewed as an essential part of the economy. It was finally abolished out of compassion, but in the case of Ebola, racism could lead to the disease spreading through-out the world and to every racial group.

Similar racism can be seen in strategies to combat the HIV crisis in Africa. Governments and charities as notable as the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, Bill Clinton and Stephen Lewis tell Africans that in order to stop AIDS they need to circumcise their boys. There's stronger evidence linking HIV to unclean drinking water, and frankly spending money to clean Africa's water would seem like a good idea that would combat many diseases but we do not hear of anyone willing to try this do we? In fact circumcising black men is no new idea. In the United States there was once a campaign to circumcise black men to prevent them from raping white girls.

Has this strategy worked to solve the HIV crisis? Many of the African (and other) countries where HIV is most common have the highest male circumcision rates to begin with while countries like Japan and Sweden where circumcision is unheard of enjoy some of the lowest HIV rates in the world. We are basically telling the Africans to do what isn't working but more. I wonder how many people in Canada would not have AIDS right now if the African crisis had been helped in a more useful manner.

Ebola and HIV can't be a good combination by the way.

Tell Stephen Harper that you will not allow his racism and shortsightedness to put your life at risk. Spend, spend, spend, spend and spend to find a vaccine or effective treatment or quarantine strategy for those suffering from Ebola Virus Disease.

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